Offering complete selection of memorial plaques in Auckland, NZ

Memorial plaques are a fitting reminder of the memories you have shared with your dearly departed. They are a popular choice being smaller and simpler than headstones, which can be used in a number of different ways. 
Evoke fond memories of your loved one with a personalised plaque, reminding you of how they lived and loved. Jacobsen Headstones will work with you to create a beautiful engraved memorial plaque, using durable materials and a range of artistic techniques and styles. 

We work closely with you so we can create a plaque that is fitting for your requirements. We can add text and graphics of your choice, and further provide assistance in meeting the requirements of your chosen cemetery.

We offer a complete selection of memorial plaques in Auckland and across New Zealand . We know organising funeral arrangements and making sure that your loved one has a fitting tribute can be a trying time. The friendly staff at Jacobsen Headstones Ltd in Auckland are on hand to help you create an appropriate and everlasting memorial to commemorate your dearly departed.

Engraved memorial plaques

Our range of engraved memorial plaques includes a variety of sizes, designs, which can be customised to suit your exact needs. We can supply burial, garden, and niche plaques Auckland wide. Our memorial plaques can be made to suit all tastes and budgets.

Cremation plaques

Cremation is very popular now and even if the ashes are scattered many families wish to have somewhere to go and remember their loved ones.

Jacobsen Headstones offers a selection of cremation memorials from bronze plaques to granite plaques in all sizes, and small upright headstones suitable for cremation gardens.

Most cemeteries allow all of the above. If you are in need of a personalised memorial plaque for your loved one, Call our Auckland based office for details or send us a message at -
Memorial plaques in Auckland
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